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Autumn has finally arrived after a long hot summer, and now that it’s cooling down it’s a fantastic time to get out into your backyard and do some essential Autumn tree care. Here are our top tips for keeping your trees healthy and beautiful this season and well into the next.

1. Have Your Trees Inspected

Aussie Tree Solutions Have Your Tree Inspections

Just like us, trees need a check up from time to time to ensure they stay healthy. An Arborist is basically a doctor for trees. They will be able to assess your tree, diagnose any sickness and advise the best course of action to get your tree back to good health if there are indeed any issues. It’s best to be on the front foot when it comes to tree health, as a sick or dying tree can pose a real danger to your family and your home and contents if it was to fall over or lose a limb in a storm or heavy winds. Make sure you hire a suitably qualified, experienced Arborist who will have the requisite knowledge for the job.

2. Pruning

Aussie Tree Solutions Pruning

Autumn is a fantastic time to prune any fruit trees you may have as this can increase fruit production for the season.

For all trees in general, it’s always a great idea to prune away any dead, sick or decaying branches to protect overall tree health, regardless of the season.

So if you can’t remember the last time your trees had a good haircut, or you’re noticing your tree has deadwood or dying branches, this is a great time to have your trees pruned.

Tree pruning is an art and there are correct tree pruning techniques and very incorrect pruning techniques that will actually adversely affect your tree if carried out. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing and why, don’t take the risk. Hire a qualified Arborist who will only prune what is necessary to promote healthy growth and tree health, and not jeopardise the tree’s structural integrity.

3. Mulch

Aussie Tree Solutions Mulch

We love mulch! It looks great, smells great and trees love it. Giving mulch to your trees helps to regulate temperature, keeps the soil moist and improves soil quality as well as helping to keep pests and disease at bay. It’s a cheap and easy way to help keep your trees thriving and happy throughout the season. There are lots of different types of mulch and different trees will like different sorts. But generally speaking, you can’t go too wrong with it. Organic mulch is usually preferable for its soil improvement qualities.

Be sure not to ‘suffocate’ the tree by piling the mulch up immediately around the base of the trunk. Leave roughly 20 centimetres from the base of the tree trunk, and layers no more than approximately 10 centimetres deep.

4. Water

Aussie Tree Solutions Water

Whilst temperatures may finally be cooling down, here in Queensland, it’s the beginning of the dry season, so it’s a critical time to ensure your trees have plenty of water. Don’t water when it’s the hottest part of the day. Water in the late afternoon and ensure you give your trees a good drink. At the same time, don’t go overboard! You don’t want the soil to be flooded and water-logged at all times as this can be detrimental to the tree and lead to sickness.

The Very Best In Autumn Tree Care

Take the hassle and guesswork out of your tree care needs this Autumn and hire a professional Arborist to do the job right the first time. It’s the best way to safely and effectively care for and maintain your trees. Aussie Tree Solutions are your local team of qualified Brisbane Arborists. Taking care of all things trees for over 35 years, we provide all of your tree care needs from pruning and mulch to expert consulting services. For all of your Autumn tree care needs, call our friendly team now for an obligation free quote on (07) 3351 1722.

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