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Thriving healthy trees don’t only look great, they add to the value of your property, provide shade and protection from the elements, and they can even save you money on power bills by reducing cooling and heating costs. So, it makes sense to look after your trees by keeping them free from pests and disease and doing regular maintenance. One of the most important things you can do to look after your tree’s health is regular inspections by a professional Arborist and pruning when required.

While a lot of people often think of this as tree lopping, lopping is actually a pruning technique that is not suitable for large trees and is not normally a practice that is recommended by most Arborists. Lopping should only be done to create a hedge, change a tree’s shape or make it smaller. Lopping involves removing the crown of a tree, and it can be extremely detrimental to a tree’s health. Pruning however – (when done correctly) is beneficial. But if you’re a novice gardener, where do you start? And more importantly, should you start?

Here are our top tips for lopping and pruning your trees.

In Most Cases – Don’t DIY!

Aussie Tree Solutions Dont DIY

Tree lopping and pruning can be highly dangerous, especially if you’re working on larger trees. And unless you have the requisite knowledge and skill to do the job right – you could also end up making your tree very sick. And that leaves your tree at risk of becoming a potential hazard to your family and your home. In most cases, you’ll benefit from speaking

with a professional Arborist to come and assess the tree, determine if there are any trees that may pose a risk to your home or services, and discuss their recommendation for any pruning or tree removals that may need to be done.  Once you’ve agreed to a written quote, the Arborist will carry out the work and, (what a lot of people often forget) take all the mess away. Job done.

Is Your Tree Protected?

Aussie Tree Solutions Is Your Tree Protected

Sometimes, trees can be protected by law which prevents you from being able to touch the tree without a permit from your local council. Trees are protected under the NALL or Natural Assets Local Law, so if you’re considering doing it yourself, make sure you check with your council first, or your Arborist can check this for you – because if you’re found to have done work on a protected tree you can be heavily fined.

If You’re Going To Do It – Do It Right!

Aussie Tree Solutions Do It Right

If you’ve decided to go ahead and do the job yourself, make sure you have the appropriate tools and equipment for the job. Don’t try and hack away at a branch with a blunt saw too small for the job – it will damage the tree. Depending on the size of the tree, you may need a large hand saw or a chainsaw. Be safe and wear safety glasses, gloves, long sleeves and pants to protect yourself. If you are going to be using a chainsaw, it is highly recommended that you wear chainsaw pants or leg protection of some kind.

With lopping and pruning it’s normally a case of less is more, so assess the tree first, decide which branches you need to cut and re-assess as you go. Make sure nothing is going to fall onto your house, garage, car or fence. Be sure to check for power lines or other services that could be damaged by falling debris.

Why Take The Risk?

For all of your tree lopping, pruning and tree care needs, we’ve got you covered at Aussie Tree Solutions. Servicing Brisbane for over 40 years, we’re your local team of professional Brisbane Arborists. Call now for an obligation-free tree lopping and maintenance quote on (07) 3351 1722.

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