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Having thriving, gorgeous trees is surely on every homeowner’s wish list. Get it right, and trees can add significant value to your property, add to your lifestyle, and improve the overall beauty of your space. Get it wrong, and you could end up with an enormous, root invading, litter-dropping monster that could cost you thousands.

A little research and planning about which trees will suit you, and most importantly, your backyard, will go a long way to achieving your dream garden.

Here are our top picks for Australian native species, well suited to South-East Queensland gardens that you shouldn’t regret down the track.

Ivory Curl Tree (Buckinghamia Celsissima)

The Ivory Curl produces spectacular white to cream flowers and is often used as a feature tree. This gorgeous tree usually grows to approximately 6 – 8 metres in height and 2 – 5 metres wide.

Generally considered a hardy tree, it is regarded as being drought resistant once established. The Ivory Curl tree will do best in a sunny, well-drained position.

Bottle Brush (Callistemon sp.)

With a large number of varieties, there’s a bottlebrush to suit most spaces you have available. Depending on the variety, you can leave them to grow naturally into small trees, shrubs or groundcovers, or clip them into shape.

An extremely popular species, loved by gardeners and wildlife alike, the beautiful flowers produce nectar for a large part of the year and will attract birds and insects into your garden. They are considered hardy, and drought-resistant even by the most neglectful gardener and will tolerate most conditions.

Lemon Scented Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora)

The Lemon Scented Myrtle is a delightful addition to most gardens. Producing a magnificent display of fluffy white flowers, this tree can grow to approximately 6 – 8 metres in height but is often much smaller.

Its leaves carry a wonderful scent, and it will attract wildlife into your yard. Best grown in a full sun position that is sheltered from the elements.

Lilly Pillies (Syzygium smithii)

A very popular evergreen tree, the Lilly Pilly produces beautiful, edible fruit as well as flowers, and can also be used for gorgeous hedges and windbreaks.

This fast-growing tree is considered fairly hardy and will tolerate most conditions. There are a number of varieties available which will vary in size, so be sure to choose the species that’s right for your space.

Tuckeroo Tree (Cupaniopsis anacardioides)

The Tuckeroo tree is small to medium-sized, normally growing between 8 and 12 metres high and 3 – 5 metres wide. A flowering tree with glossy green leaves and a lovely, spreading crown shape, this tree is ideal as a shade and street tree.

The Tuckeroo requires little maintenance once established and is usually reasonably fast-growing, with non-invasive roots. A sunny but partly shady position will suit it best.

Eumundi Quandong Tree (Elaeocarpus Eumundi)

This gorgeous tree normally grows to approximately 6 – 8 metres in height and 2 – 3 metres in width.

Producing stunning, bronze-coloured new-growth leaves and sweetly-scented cream flowers for several months of the year, the Eumundi Quandong makes an attractive and suitable addition to most backyard spaces. Hardy and low maintenance, plus disease resistant, this tree will thrive in a sunny position.

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